Easy Low Sodium Recipes

A friend of mine posted a question online asking if anyone could recommend some easy low sodium recipes for breakfast or dinner. Included with a bunch of websites that didn’t really offer much other than membership fees, she got this answer:

First off, I recommend you make things fresh so you can control the sodium… so don’t buy premade meals! Also don’t use canned veggies or soups. I would recommend for breakfast making eggs, pancakes, waffles or whatever, just don’t have ham, bacon or sausage because they are usually prepared with tons of salt before they even get to the grocery store. I also quite often prepare layered fruit yogurt with granola (about 3 layers of each) in a parfait glass for my kids, they love it!

Dinner: Don’t do casseroles, especially if they involve canned creamed soups or other soup bases. Some soup bases have more sodium than you’re suppose to consume during an entire day! Also, prepare your meat, starch and veggies separate. You can use sea salt or Kosher salt which are much lower sodium, or substitute one of the many flavors of Mrs. Dash’s sodium-free seasonings.

Sounded like sound advice so I thought I would share it. I know I mention this site pretty much every post but you can also check out the Quality Health website which offers over 2,200 low sodium recipes. Registration is quick and free.